Hello streamers, Streamers are an essential part of our community. Having them on our team will benefit their content because we have so much to show! Not only will it benefit them but us as well in the process by advertising helping our community grow. This section will elaborate what we’re looking for when it....


Hello Redstoners, Redstoners have proven to be helpful. When we’re talking about redstone, we’re talking about command blocks. They are a vital part of our community because they allow schematics to be interactive, giving spice and mystery to the gameplay itself! Here, we will be talking about the qualities Redstoners are required to have. Redstoners....

Community Staff

Hello Community staffs, Community staffs have a different responsibility. This responsibility is, if not the most respected role on our team. They give tours to applicants, distribute roles, engage with the community and advertise on a regular basis. This section will elaborate what we’re looking for when it comes to Community staffs. Community staffs must....

Head Configurator

Hello Head-Configurators, Head-Configurators are part of our Head team. They ensure quality control as well as organizing tasks. Tasks are distributed evenly amongst the team of configurators. They lead by example and add detailed tasks that need to be tended to. This section will elaborate what we’re looking for when it comes to streamers. Head-Configurators....


Hello Moderators, Moderators are to moderate players. This does not entail moderating staff members. Also known as Mods, moderators ensure security, harmony stability of the server within our Discord and Minecraft server. Monitoring the console, properly documenting rules being broken by players and acquiring proof for each case some of the responsibilities moderators will have....

Head Developer
Head Community Staff
Head Builder
System Administrator

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