Dynamic world

The world of Ethera is a dynamic, constantly and perpetually moving around players seamlessly without obstructing trees, terrains, lakes and mountains.

Expect to see buildings moving with interactive elements inside of them such as blocks, entities or NPCs. The world is random!

Explore Dungeons!

Our Custom Coded Dungeons plugin creates randomly generated pathways, treasure rooms and boss rooms. This means your trip in to a dungeon will never be the same twice!

Check our our Fire, Ice, Jungle and Prison dungeon keys in the shop!

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Fight all new Mobs and find new items!

All of our items, mobs and pets are custom modelled exclusively for our server. Each model is carefully planned and crafted by our artist team. We take originality to the next level!

No mods!

Let the battles begin!


Hatch and adopt a Pet

Find eggs to hatch your vary own pets, feed them berries to help them grow and level up. Equip your leveled up pet to join you as a familiar in battle! Win at pvp and pve battles with your pet at your side!

Hatch your new friend!


Join our discord community!

Get game updates and voice/text chat with other players!  Share photos, memes music, play discord games.and more! Or, apply for staff roles to join the Ethera Staff Team!

Come Join the Ethera Discord Community!

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Claim and Upgrade Settlements!

Build your guilds economy with upgradable settlements. Claim, Uprade, Wage war or create allies! Upgrade all of your settlements buildings for new features and resources. Begin a profession and sell your crafted goods to players from other guilds.

Find and Claim your settlement today!


A house in your pocket!

Our custom Pocket House plugin gives every player their own plot to build, and carry in their pocket. As your exploring, deploy your pocket house and build, decorate with custom furniture, store items from your inventory or craft profession resources! When your done, right click your pocket house icon to place the whole plot back in your inventory.

Purchase Custom Decor and Furniture in our shop!

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